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About Meggle

You know that you can always count on Meggle for quality products that bring joy at home or in the restaurant! Butter, milk, cooking cream, whipped cream and much more, Meggle products become the favorite ingredients in the most beloved recipes!

Since 1996, when Meggle entered the Romanian market, our products have won the hearts of consumers here, who have enjoyed the best quality dairy products at affordable prices. We have been and are always concerned to greet our customers with new and innovative products. We have integrated the international experience of over 130 years of the Meggle Group and we have always been attentive to the local consumption habits and preferences of our customers. In order to best meet their needs, we opened the Meggle office in Romania in 2006.

The desire for excellent results in strictly controlled production conditions, care for the environment and the community, concern for sustainability and inclination towards innovation are the ingredients that marked our growth and the way to the future, without losing the unmistakable taste of tradition and healthy family values, passed down from generation to generation.

A touch of history with a taste for tradition and innovation

Joseph Anton Meggle founded the company in 1887 in Northern Bavaria, after working, learning all the secrets of the trade and gaining experience in several dairy farms in the area. In 1890, it expanded and bought six new dairies, becoming one of the largest local producers.

“The best possible quality to meet our customers’ preferences”, said Joseph Anton Meggle II when he took over the company from his father in 1912, after passing the apprenticeship exam in making cheeses. This philosophy of excellence gives flavor to Meggle products even now and guides us in everything we do, both in production and in the relationship with our clients.

From the beginning, Meggle has been a company concerned with the community and changing things for the better. With the advent of electricity, for example, Josef Anton Meggle II systematically began to expand the company using the power of electricity and accelerated the supply of electricity throughout the entire area. He supports the construction of the electricity network in the Reitmehring area, in order to supply energy to the whole town.

Through dedication and devotion to the community and to the well-being of employees, for which there was a support fund, Meggle went through the two world wars. It was not easy. The expansion plans stopped temporarily but, after the end of the Second World War, the company returned in force, with the modernization of the production line, with new and innovative products.

In 1931, Joseph Anton Meggle III was born, named Toni, who is, to this day, the owner of the company. After completing his studies, Toni Meggle is preparing to become a specialist in dairy production. He trained in business management at the European Management Center (ECM) in Brussels and, in 1956, after finishing his studies, he started working in the family business.

The passion for good taste, the choice of the right ingredients, even long before the standards were regulated by European legislation, made Meggle, a small family business founded in 1887 in Upper Bavaria, become a solid international company, characterized by innovation, creativity and flexibility. Now and in the future, we are constantly concerned with maintaining the high quality of Meggle products for our consumers.